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Knowledge Transfer Tools : Quick Studies

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Diversity CLUES Consulting produces quick studies on a variety of topics. From key facts about Local Immigration Partnerships to key dates in the history of Corporate Social Responsibility, we believe that well-organized ‘quick studies’ and graphically-engaging infographics greatly improve readers’ understanding of comprehensive topics .


Over 66% of population are visual learners; meaning that they best remember information presented through visual illustration. Additionally, knowledge transfer tools, such as ‘brief summary’ or plain language synopsis that provides key facts or findings have proven to enhance readability of the content and engage ‘non-specialist audience’.

Quick studies produced by Diversity CLUES Consulting aim to make our research and learning more accessible to broader audience. We believe in the power of knowledge translation and knowledge mobilization and invite you to learn with us.

Quick Study 1: CSR – History At-A-Glance










Quick Study 2: Social Purpose 4 Businesses



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