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Diversity Training in BC

Biases are often not conscious. When we hire people we tend to give preferences to those whom we feel connected and more comfortable with. However, the realities and faces of Canadian workforce are ever changing. More and more hiring managers need to learn how to overcome their subconscious biases and reflect on their hiring decisions. Continuing learning about our biases and ability to self-reflect are important factors that make a difference in how we think and act. In BC, there are plenty of learning opportunities for Hiring Managers to improve their cross-cultural skills and showcase their achievements in making their workplaces more inclusive.

  • BC HRMA’s Diversity in the Workforce Roundtable: This roundtable focuses on topics pertaining to diversity within the workplace, including but not limited to culture, gender, Aboriginal and workers with disabilities. It will be of interest to individuals who would like to share and learn more about diversity in the workplace for the purpose of increasing awareness on this topic. This roundtable meets the first Thursday of the month from 5:30pm – 7:30pm at the BC HRMA provincial office.

  •  BC Employer Diversity Forum hosted by Open Door: Purpose: A progressive network of employers that focuses on how diversity affects Canadian businesses. Objectives: To connect employers through sharing their experiences on how diversity in the workplace can benefit their business. To create an environment for employers to have open discussion, share challenges and solutions and develop best practice. Why join: To provide access to resources and information around diversity and business. Become a leader in your community. Network and share your experiences, challenges and solutions with other employers


  • Centre for Intercultural Communication, UBC: UBC’s Certificate in Intercultural Studies supports HR professionals in recognizing and understanding the implications of cultural differences and developing inclusive and productive workplaces.

  • Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research: SIETAR BC is an incorporated non-profit organization and regional affiliate of SIETAR International, which shares in its purpose of promoting cooperative interactions and effective communication among peoples of diverse cultures, races and ethnic groups. SIETAR BC offers monthly workshops and presentations on a nominal fee.

  • The Hastings Institute, the City of Vancouver: As part of the City of Vancouver’s commitment to excellence in the workplace, The Hastings Institute offers training and consulting services to external organizations in the areas of equity, human rights, diversity, workplace harassment prevention and intervention. The Hastings Institute provides support and resources around issues of accessibility, workplace accommodation and building respectful work environments.