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Building diverse & inclusive teams: The remote workforce of 2020

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DC_News_Heading_BusinesscaseThe pandemic has opened the doors to huge uncertainty and has each of us feeling utterly stumped about the future. While there are some of us still stuck at home, in a state of denial, it has got others desperately searching for useful information online, for the smallest ray of optimism. And all these fortune cookie articles aren’t helping paint a rosy picture either. With a range of opinions about remote work and recruitment doing the rounds on the internet, it has got us, both companies and candidates alike, in a complete bind.

Can your company afford to go remote?

The truth is that now is the most important time than ever to not exhibit herd mentality and make carefully calculated decisions that would elevate your company. Going completely remote needs tons of planning to put in the right processes and tools that will allow people distributed across geographies to be able to collaborate together. It also means that the culture of the company allows it to go remote without resulting in any significant dip in productivity and collaboration. So, not all will qualify for being fully remote. But, if yours does and a decision has already been made (or you are on the brink of one), read on.

Does workplace diversity come into play?

Workplace diversity has always been a growing concern in most industries and has been a recurring theme in recent times. Companies in the past have always sought out ways to fix this and have implemented several models to combat the problem. However, the current era of remote work brings with it a promising hope for the future.

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