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Our Services

Project Management: We offer a wide range of project management and program development services. Our approach to planning, monitoring, and controlling the scope of projects makes all the difference in successfully completing a project on time, on budget, and with expected quality results. We are known for our creative strategies in developing new ideas and projects. Learn more

Research, Evaluation-based Studies & Policy Development: All our team members have educational and professional backgrounds in conducting high-quality research and evaluation-based studies. We draw on best practices in qualitative research to identify strengths and  weakness of studied programs, initiatives and concepts. We specialize in developing and executing comparative studies, “best practice” research, environmental scans and gap analysis studies. Learn more

Community Development & Advocacy: At Diversity Clues we place high value on Community Involvement and Advocacy. All members of our team have been involved in volunteering and paid advocacy activities for over ten years and we offer a wealth of knowledge and passion to bring about systemic change in making our society more inclusive. Learn more

Public Engagement & Ethnic Outreach: Our team members are coming from diverse ethnic backgrounds and have extensive experience working with multiple ethnic population groups. We successfully engaged 60 immigrants from seven ethnic groups in the first in BC Training in Civic Engagement Project and brought on board over 40 ethnic HR professionals for brainstorming during the development of the first in BC Cultural Competency Toolkit for Hiring Managers. Learn more

Inclusive Workforce Solutions: In their new book, “Conscious Capitalism” by Whole Foods Market cofounder John Mackey and Bentley professor Raj Sisodia, these influential leader and scholar brought our attention to a new trend in business world. In this new reality companies not only build stronger businesses but pursue higher goals and change “bottom line only” values by becoming more innovative and creating “new economic values” that adhere to society’s needs. At Diversity Clues we believe that barriers that immigrants and “visible minority” groups face in Canadian society not only government or settlement agencies problems. Those are systemic barriers and they need systemic societal solutions. In our work we are driven by assisting businesses, policy makers, municipalities and community agencies in creating inclusive workplaces where all members of Canadian societies could contribute and be valued.

Assisting Immigrants to Succeed: We offer one-to-one coaching sessions for newly-arrived immigrants and those established immigrants who would like to change their occupations / explore different industries in their pursuit for better work opportunities in BC. We specialize in assisting job seekers building their confidence, learning “SMART” techniques in job search, and expending their network to tap into 85% of all job postings which are not advertised but filled in through contacts and connections Learn more.