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Public Engagement & Ethnic Outreach

Our team members are coming from diverse ethnic backgrounds and have extensive experience working with multiple ethnic population groups. We successfully engaged 60 immigrants from seven ethnic groups in the first in BC Training in Civic Engagement Project and brought on board over 40 ethnic HR professionals for brainstorming during the development of the first in BC Cultural Competency Toolkit for Hiring Managers.

  • using diverse public engagement strategies to mobilize community efforts and generate “two-way” conversations
  • building on our understanding of unique needs, relationships and traditions and leadership structures of different cultural groups
  • utilizing our knowledge of “social organization” of people from diverse ethnic backgrounds

In our past projects we have been in direct contact with:

  • more than 25 BC’s located ethnic newspapers and magazines
  • more than 40 local ethnic community organizations
  • more than 50 immigrant professional organizations across Canada
  • more than 15 local ethnic media both TV and radio stations
  • more than 10 local immigrant serving agencies
  • more than 40 local community serving agencies (Metro Vancouver)
  • more than 30 BC’s community and immigrant serving agencies (outside of Metro Vancouver)
  • more than 20 local ethnic celebrations and festival organizing groups
  • 10+ municipal staff in Metro Vancouver area with diversity portfolios


Resources for culturally-competen public engagement of ethnic groups: