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Income inequality in Canada is on the rise

March 11, 2013 – 11:20 am | 1,751 views

Income inequality in Canada has increased over the past 20 years. While Canada reduced income inequality in the 1980s, it rose sharply in the 1990s and remained at that relatively high level in the 2000s.
Canada …

You had to top $201,400 to become a Canadian one percenter

February 25, 2013 – 6:52 pm | 1,519 views

According to Georgia Straight: “It’s apropos that Statistics Canada would release data on incomes on the day after the Davos economic summit ended in Switzerland. It turns out that Canada’s top one percent of income …

Canada ranks 12th on the income inequality indicator

February 22, 2013 – 6:56 pm | 1,457 views

The society report card developed by The Conference Board ranked Canada seventh (7th) among 17 industrialized countries on how it treats its citizens. According to the report:
“Canada ranks 12th on the income inequality indicator. Income …