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What’s wrong with being “leftie socialist”?

February 19, 2015 – 5:06 am | 2,755 views

I am biased. Any programs that any Canadian municipality introduces with the goal of being a more inclusive service provider and employer makes me happy. Some may even call me “leftie socialist” as did one …

Success of Foreign-born Population as an Indicator of Attractiveness of Canadian Cities to Newcomers

January 31, 2015 – 12:58 pm | 75 views

In the third City Magnets report, The Conference Board of Canada provides analysis the dynamics of city living for 50 Canadian municipalities, including six in BC. Like City Magnets II (2010), this report starts with …

May 17, 2014 is the International Day Against Homophobia. Open up your mind.

May 17, 2014 – 5:53 am | 6,262 views

May 17 is marked as International Day Against Homophobia because, over 20 years ago,  on  May  17 1993, the World Health Organization removed homosexuality from its list of mental illnesses. Thirteen years ago I came from a country …

Cycling4Diversity group encourages people to form social connections outside their culture

March 16, 2014 – 7:00 pm | 2,874 views

I am a huge fan of using un-orthodox methods of engaging people from different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds and you can imagine how excited I was when I recently learnt about an awesome group of …

Seeking Diversity Clues in Measuring the Dividends of Diversity

February 13, 2014 – 2:45 pm | 3,548 views

Olga Shcherbyna was interviewed by the Editor of PeopleTalk, BCHRMA’s Magazine, for the Fall 2013 issue. The following questions were explored by Jason and Olga:

 How has the workplace perspective of diversity changes in recent years …